Tuesday, January 1, 2013


My dad got a deer the other day. That was pretty cool, but even better was when he quartered it up, I got to eat the scraps. And I even got to worry a piece of hide! That was great fun. Mom put the quarters in the cooler to finish hanging since it was too warm to let it hang from the barn rafters.

For the last couple days, she has been processing it. That means she is cutting all the meat up for roasts, steaks and sausages. I guess you know I sit right there at the kitchen counter waiting for her to drop something. The rule is if it lands on the floor, it's mine. Unless of course it's something that I'm not supposed to have -- like chocolate. Too bad I can't have chocolate. That is the ultimate. Yep, I got into some a few years ago. It was dark chocolate and nothing bad happened, so I don't know why I can't have it. Oh well.
Venison Tripe - getting ready to finish washing and grinding

Back to the venison - mom has a huge bucket of fat and scraps she said she is going to grind into dog food for me. She said she is going to mix some eggs in with it, some fish oil and other stuff that's supposed to be good for me.

She already made the tripe. I have to remind her to take a bucket of that out of the fridge. Dad really grossed out when he saw that. She took the deer stomach and washed all the grass out of it - ZOMG, those deer eat a whole lot of grass! Then she cut it up in small pieces and put it in the food processor to grind it up. I won't eat it whole. It's like eating rubber or something, and that is just nasty. But when it's all ground up, it's the bomb! I don't get nearly enough tripe.

Oh, and she save the liver and heart for me, too. Then she cut up the lungs and dried them up in the dehydrator. Those are the Best. Treats. Ever.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

ATVs and Off Leash in the Woods

Wow - it's been a while since mom let me on the computer. Well, not really let me... but you know I have to sneak on when she's not around. Anyway, she let me do this really cool thing. Dad takes me for runs on the ATV. He rides and I get to go OFF LEASH!! As long as I stay with him, he lets me do it again and again. It is so much fun.
This is me watching what is going on. Actually, looking for those little rat dogs. There is one -- a chihuahua -- he thinks he is the baddest thing out there. Well, I showed him. He thought he was going to growl at me. I got a bigger growl than he does. He took off with his tail between his legs. Mom and the little rat dog's mom were laughing at him.

We don't even stay on the property. We go up the long driveway, then onto the gravel road. There is another driveway-like trail down the road, but there are no houses down there yet. I hope no one ever puts a house there. At the end of the driveway, there's a big circle -- I think mom called it a cul-de-sac. I smell all kinds of neat things there. Things like deer and coyote and fox. Mom and dad found footprints there.

Then, this one time, dad went down the side of the mountain at the end of the cul-de-sac. It was really steep, but I had fun running down the mountain. We took this other trail -- it's the same trail that mom walks me on when we go to the river. We went up another steep trail and came out behind our place. That was really neat, except instead of running next to dad, I was going up the hill in front of him, and kept stopping. It was pissing him off because he said something about not stopping on the hill or the ATV would not make it up there right since it was so steep.

Another time he took down the driveway, then we went to the right instead of to the left. At the end of the road, you can go up a big hill or go down into a field. We went in the field and I could run and run and run. It was so much fun.
This is the river that we go down to. The other day, dad's sister came up and we all walked down here. Everyone crossed the river to walk down to the waterfall and left me. I had not choice but to walk through the water. I hate walking in the water. I hate water. I had no choice. I wanted to be next to everyone.

The longest run I got to go on was on this place dad called Mangled Vine. It's another gravel road about a quarter mile from our driveway. That is really steep too, and when you are at the top, you can see forever. Hey, I wonder what's on that other mountain? At the bottom, there's a narrow trail into the woods. Dad said it goes to the same cow pasture that we see on the highway, and that there are a lot of cows there. I know there are cows there, because I bark at them every time we drive past them in the truck. But there is no way in hell I'm going into the woods on such a narrow path.

I didn't like the big paths that go to the river, but mom made me walk on them with her, so I got used to them, but there is no. way. in. hell. I. am. walking. down. there. Nope. Not where trees can smack me. I can't bite trees back -- well, I could, but that would be useless. That's all okay -- I get to see the stupid cows when we drive by that farm anyway.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Recent Pics

Why are you bugging me? I am looking for lizards!

Chillin' in TN

Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Thanksgiving Dinner - 2011

Wow. Just like every year, mom makes me a big plate. Stuffing, turkey, potatoes and gravy, succotash, and ham 'n mo'fo's. Dad really spoils me - he gave me a second plate!

Dad testing to make sure it's not too hot.

Yummy! Give it here!

Now that's what I'm talking about!

Hmmm... smells good... little hot for me...

Let me circle it a couple of times... it's still too hot.

Yah, here we go. Circling did the trick. Cooled off enough for me to wolf down!

Monday, May 2, 2011

My Review of Thyro-up for Dog Hypothyroidism

Originally submitted at Pet Wellbeing Inc.

What is dog hypothyroidism?

A dog's thyroid is a gland in the neck which controls metabolism and body growth. When this gland produces too much or too little thyroid hormones, health problems follow.

Thyroid conditions are very common in both cats and dogs. ...

Thyro-up for Dog Hypothyroidism

By Cheryl from Valrico, FL on 5/2/2011


5out of 5

Pros: Effective, No Side Effects, Good Value, Gentle

Cons: None

Best Uses: Daily Care, Treat Specific Illness

Describe Yourself: Long-Time Pet Owner

I give this to my 100-pound GSD twice a day as directed. It makes his coat shiny and helps stop the itching associated with hypothyroidism and his environmental allergies. I noticed a difference in his coat and behavior in three days.



Well, a year later since I last posted - I should pay more attention to this blog. Rambo has traveled several times back and forth from FL to TN. He loves, loves, loves to ride. Even after the long rides, he wants back into the truck to go for more rides, so we take him everywhere we go up here. The neighbor has three little dogs - a Dachshund, and Maltese, and I think the other is a Maltese mix - he doesn't seem to bother with them too much - though he wants to try to hump one of them (the male) and he can't figure out how to do his domination thing because he's so tall and Dingus is so short! LOL